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Recent Developments (08/19/2017):

Total Solar Eclipse Announcement

As most of you know the USA is due for a total solar eclipse on August 21st, during this time we will be closed. However, rest assured that your orders will be processed and sent out no later than Wednesday (August 23rd). We thank you for your business and understanding!

Recent Developments (05/11/2017):


We have recently teamed up with Rayco Tool Inc. to provide you with a large selection of broaches. The broaches can be purchased on the dbcustoms.us website and will be drop-shipped from Rayco Tool Inc. located in Warsaw, Indiana. The broaches are of extremely high quality and precision made. Also, Rayco Tool offers broaches in a wide range of tool steels to suit your particular job needs. With the material selection and custom sizes available we know you'll be able to find what you need! Check it out!

Recent Developments (05/11/2017):


Our rotary broach tool holders have always been able to use different spindle sizes to allow you to use different style broaches. However, purchasing the spindle by itself required a call and custom order. We are happy to let you know that you can now purchase individual spindles right here on dbcustoms.us!  Check it out!

Recent Developments (05/11/2017):

Normal Duty Spindle Selections

We have made the decision to no long stock 8mmx28mm and 0.315"x1.25" spindles for the "Normal Duty" rotary broach tool holders. However, we will continue to offer them to our customers. These spindles will be built to order and could cause a slight delay in receiving your product. We thought long and hard about this decision and here is our reasoning. Typically, broaches designed for these spindles are not very large... Meaning that our lite duty tool should be able to handle any broach in that class. Since this is the case, we decided to focus more on the 0.5"x1.75" spindle for the normal duty tool (most commonly sold size). This is going to allow us to keep a better supply of rotary broach tool holders since we no long have to invest the time to needed to make and stock the other spindles. Just remember that you can still purchase the 8mm or 0.315" spindles for the normal duty tool, we just stopped stocking them. As for the lite duty tool, both spindles , 8mm and 0.315", are still available.

Recent Developments (05/11/2017):

Fiber Laser Etchings!

We are proud to say that we have purchased a new piece of equipment that is going to improve the overall quality and cosmetics of our parts and tools. We have been using the electrochemical etching process for our tool markings since the beginning of DB Customs LLC. While electrochemical etching is effective, this process is time consuming, messy, and the overall quality of the marking could be better. That’s why we decided it was time for a change. We will be using a MOPA fiber laser to mark all of our tools later this month. This technology will improve the overall quality of the logo and part number markings dramatically, providing you with a sleeker looking tool!

Don’t forget we offer custom services as well. If you need something made we want to hear about it! Assuming the job is within our abilities, as always, we will provide you with fair pricing and quality service. With the addition of this fiber laser our offerings and possibilities are greater, meaning we can do more for you. We look forward to hearing from you!


Recent Developments (05/09/2017):

Premium Bearing Upgrades

We are excited to announce that we are now offering bearing upgrades for all of our rotary broaching products. You now have the option to upgrade to SKF bearings during the selection process. This offering is also extended to all rotary broaching rebuild kits.

Recent Developments (05/08/2017):

New Arbors and Tormach© Compatibility

We try our best to stock the most common (and not so common) arbors. To further improve your experience and selections we are now offering a JT33 to MT1 arbor!

Our rotary broaching tools are compatible with all JT33 arbors. That means that you can use them in basically any type of milling machine or lathe, manual or CNC controlled. If you own a Tormach©, check out this link for a compatible arbor: Tormach JT33 Arbor

Unsure of what arbor you need? Ask us and we'll do our best to help!

Recent Developments (12/23/2015):

Oxtools© reviews our rotary broach tool holder!

Update (05/11/2017) We can't thank Tom enough for the attraction we gained from this review video. While we were lacking features at the time of the video (we were still in the development phase of our rotary tools) we have steadily improved our overall quality and functionality! A big thanks to Tom for being honest and providing us with the needed feedback. 

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